Measuring technology

Leica Absolute Tracker AT960

Absolute speed. Absolute accuracy. Absolute mobility.

This system provides a complete solution for high-speed dynamic measurements with probes and scanners in six degrees of freedom and automated 7 DoF real-time control systems, making it the ideal solution for applications in aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, manufacturing and many other industries.

Measuring volume 3D: 160 m
measuring volume 6DoF: 40 m
Accuracy: U(x,y,z) = +/- 15 µm + 6µm/m
Distance accuracy AIFM: +/- 0.5 µm/m
angular accuracy: +/- 15 µm + 6µm/m
Dynamic target detection: +/- 10 µm
Typical rotation accuracy: +/- 0.01°.
Rotation angle accuracy <5 microseconds

Software PolyWorks

for coordinate measuring technology, reverse engineering and virtual assembly

Complete solution for the processing and evaluation of three-dimensional data sets

In addition to single point measurements, entire surfaces can also be digitized, analyzed, processed and compared.

Mora measuring technology

with TP200 sensor: touch-trigger electrical probe with stylus module change

Measuring range:
X-width 1500
Y-length 3500
Z-height 1200

Accuracy according to ISO 10360-2
MPEe = 3.0 + L/300
MPEp = 3.0

Software INCA 3D

user-friendly and modular user interface

Measurement of geometic and free-form surfaces in one measuring program

graphic programming and display of the measuring steps

M&H Forminspect

Measuring components at the processing machine with the accuracy of a tactile measuring machine.

Surface comparison software

Measurement of hole positions and diameters